June 21 Birthday Compatibility

June 21

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

Sociable, warmhearted, and gregarious, you have many lively friends and acquaintances. In an intimate union, you are intuitive, perceptive, and caring. Naturally loving and affectionate, you want and need a stable romantic relationship in your life. A many-faceted, interesting person yourself, you are seeking a partner with whom you can share your numerous interests.

Despite your innate loyalty, if you get tired of a love relationship, you could decide to give up and move on. Although your significant other might tire of dealing with your emotional peaks and valleys, he or she will never find you dull or boring.

In Bed

You are a sensitive lover with a powerful need to establish a strong emotional link with your mate. Initially you approach your partner with caution, at least until you are sure that your feelings are returned. Along with your wit and sparkling conversation, you bring tenderness, warmth, and generosity to your bedroom frolicking. Although you are passionate and sensual, you’re also fun loving. You enjoy sex, and you’re as interested in having a good time in bed as everywhere else.


Nothing turns you on like a romantic getaway. You prefer intimate and charming to elegant and luxurious. You’re happy in a picturesque country inn or quaint bed and breakfast. You truly love the strolls along the beach and drives out in the country, but it’s the sensual lovemaking in the cozy old-fashioned bed that really gets your juices flowing.

Reality Check

When your emotions and intellect work together, each balances the other.

However, frequent mood swings and mind changes make it difficult for you to decide whether to follow your head or your heart. If either your mind or your feelings gain the upper hand, the resulting nervous tension can make you feel anxious.

June 21 Birthday Compatibility


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