July 31 Birthday Compatibility

July 31

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

The fiery, energetic lions celebrating birthdays on this date are proud, res-olute, and dedicated to attaining their personal goals. Despite a powerful independent streak, you want and need the safety and security of a settled home life. In a close, loving union, you are generous, warmhearted, and passionate. A romantic idealist, you’re intensely protective of your loved ones.

You thrive on intimacy and the feeling of being part of a couple or family group. You believe in the inviolability of true love. Once you give your heart, your mate may depend on your continued loyalty and devotion.

In Bed

Inherently sexy and passionate, you’re driven by a lusty libido and strong sense of the dramatic. You are exceptionally intuitive where your partner’s feelings are concerned, and his or her pleasure is as important to you as your own. You anticipate your bedmate’s wants, often before he or she is even aware of them. This ability to provide what the other person desires gives you a measure of control in the bedroom. It also makes you virtually irresistible as a lover.


Your mind conjures up an endless string of erotic fantasies and romantic dramas for you to star in as the sexy hero or heroine. Your ideal lover understands that acting out some of your torrid scenarios excites you physically and mentally. Engaging in an exotic, innovative role-playing game together serves as an aphrodisiac that turns both of you on.

Reality Check

You are quietly ambitious and determined to make your mark in the world.

Although you present a confident image, you often appear more self-assured than you actually are. Eventually, however, your flair for the dramatic and craving for recognition and approbation overcomes any inner hesitation you may feel and impels you to seek the limelight.

July 31 Birthday Compatibility


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