November 12 Birthday Compatibility

November 12

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

Those born on this day are versatile, quick witted, and forceful. People are drawn to your keen intelligence and magnetic personality. You’re considerably less intense, and more capable of rationalizing your emotions, than most other members of your Sun sign. In close relationships, you can find yourself torn between your love of personal freedom and Scorpio’s inclination to be possessive of loved ones. Naturally flirtatious, you enjoy playing the field and may have difficulty settling down with one person. One side of you longs for the emotional security of a long-term union, but the other side craves variety, excitement, and change.

In Bed

You approach your love life with all the zeal of a detective investigating an important case. An accomplished listener as well as a great talker, you channel as much of your energy into intellectual communication as you do into physical contact. Using your intuitive powers, you probe your lover’s psyche for information that can clue you in to his or her bedroom predilec-tions. In addition, every inch of your mate’s body becomes the subject of your sensual inquiry.


You have a robust sexual appetite that craves variety and excitement between the sheets. Sharing exotic discoveries and trying out fresh ideas and new positions with your lover turns you on. You respond to the partner who entices you with provocative verbal suggestions. Teasing games with sex toys provide erotic foreplay for steamy lovemaking.

Reality Check

You’re considerably more lighthearted and fun loving than many of your darker, more serious Sun sign counterparts. Your unique mix of insight and humor promotes popularity and helps you get along with all types of people. You’re never superficial and you rarely skim the surface of things.

Instead, you dig and probe until you get to the root of any problem.

November 12 Birthday Compatibility


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