May 14 Birthday Compatibility

May 14

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Saturn; Numbers: 1, 5

In Love

People born on this day want to have their cake and eat it too. A part of you adores the idea of a long-term romantic union. However, the freewheeling adventurer inside your head prefers independence to tradition. As a result, you can be difficult to pin down and even harder to hold on to. Eventually, your inner bull demands the safety and security of a permanent relationship.

Because finding a soul mate takes time, you’ll probably indulge in a few unconventional alliances while you are waiting. When you are ready to commit, you make a loyal and devoted partner.

In Bed

An uninhibited lover, you bring excitement and the joy of discovery to your sexual experiences. Playful in bed and out, you combine avid sensuality with a fun-loving approach to sexuality. Arousal begins in your mind, and you like engaging in witty banter before and during lovemaking. Spontaneity and surprise thrill you, and you appreciate a partner who shares your open attitude to bedroom experimentation. You particularly like it when your lover talks frankly about what he or she thinks you should do to each other.


Your fantasy life is rich with imaginative ideas for playful erotic encounters and new sensuous experiences that you’d love acting out in the boudoir.

Your lover may stimulate your tactile libido by alternating between different types of sensory pleasure, such as sharing exotic food and drink and indulging in long, languid kisses and caresses.

Reality Check

Intellectually, you are light-years ahead of your peers. You see future possibilities that the less innovative can’t even imagine, and may even come up with visionary ideas that alter the world. Yet in your personal life, you can be rather set in your ways. You rarely welcome changes to your habitual way of doing things.

May 14 Birthday Compatibility


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