December 09 Birthday Compatibility

December 9

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Mars; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

The ultraromantic individuals born on this day are intuitive, imaginative, and sentimental. You are so devoted to those you love that you would willingly sacrifice everything you have for them. More than anything, you want a meaningful intimate relationship in your life. However, you’re prone to falling hopelessly in love with an ideal, and if the real person doesn’t live up to your mythological image you can be devastated. Besides, too much emotional involvement with others tends to sap your vitality. You require time on your own to reconnect with yourself and restore your equilibrium.

In Bed

Your dreamy approach to lovemaking makes you long to create a romantic atmosphere for your bedroom trysts. You use a unique combination of intuition and creativity to invent exotic ways to please and be pleased in bed. In carefully setting the stage for loving, you provide the perfect backdrop for your emotionally charged sensuality. Your chameleonlike flair for the dramatic gives you a talent for role playing and acting out your favorite fantasies. Once sparked, your tireless libido spurs you on to moments of exquisite intimacy.


The tactile pleasure of a sensual massage with aromatic oils calms your harried mind as it eases your body into a state of deep relaxation. Playful teasing with a feather adds a touch of whimsy to your erotic foreplay. Besides letting your lover know what you like to do, or have done to you, expressing your lusty desires verbally really turns you on.

Reality Check

You lead an intense inner life of dreams and ideals. Intellectually you’re clever; emotionally you’re impressionable. A compassionate humanitarian, you’re deeply sensitive to people’s needs. With the missionary spirit so strong inside you, your aim is to help others and guide them along a path of higher values.

December 09 Birthday Compatibility


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