January 29 Birthday Compatibility

January 29

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

Despite your independent nature and strong sense of self, you want someone at your side to share life’s joys and sorrows. The emotionally challenged water bearer often runs into difficulty when confronted with too much intimacy. Nevertheless, the security and stability of a long-term relationship appeal to you on many different levels. Moreover, you are more solid and dependable than other airy members of your Sun sign. You actually prefer being one-half of a team, as long as your partner doesn’t try to impinge on your personal space. You are inherently faithful and affectionate, and you expect fidelity, love, and devotion in return.

In Bed

Up-front and direct about your sexual impulses, you have no compunction about initiating lovemaking when the mood comes upon you. Yet aside from your small regard for society’s ideas of proper behavior, you are a genuine romantic. You particularly like that part of a love affair that involves courting and being courted. As part of your lifelong search for beauty and order, you enjoy creating a harmonious bedroom atmosphere for yourself and your beloved.


You crave creature pleasures and respond to all the trappings of love and beauty. Anything that appeals to your earthy sensuality and titillates your senses may serve as a sexual turn-on. From food to sex—anything that smells especially delicious, or looks extremely seductive, or tastes really good can stimulate your appetite for lovemaking.

Reality Check

In love, you are capable of real devotion. However, you have little patience with imperfection and don’t suffer fools gladly. After you’ve found your soul mate, you expect an ideal relationship that includes shared interests and intellectual, sexual, and spiritual rapport. If your significant other disappoints you, you’re perfectly capable of picking up all your marbles and leaving the game without a backward glance.

January 29 Birthday Compatibility


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