January 12 Birthday Compatibility

January 12

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Sociable, charming, and playful, you realize that every flirtation does not end up as a serious romance. Your ideal is a loving partnership that allows you considerable freedom of movement. However, you’re much too sensible to let the games get out of hand. Besides, you expect loyalty and commitment from your significant other. You have difficulty accepting people and things at face value. Consequently, you tend to question everything that happens, even in your most intimate relationships. When problems arise, you respond intellectually rather than emotionally, because you’re more comfortable talking about your difficulties than exploring the feelings they provoke.

In Bed

Initially you may go to great lengths to endear yourself to a prospective partner. However, as time goes by and you begin to feel more secure in the union, the poetic gestures of courtship usually give way to an earthy physicality. As a busy person, you see nothing wrong with scheduling lovemaking in advance. You may be businesslike in your approach, but once secluded in your private love nest, you give your total attention to the matter at hand.


For you a nimble mind is a stimulating turn-on, and provocative banter gets your sex juices flowing as effectively as touching and stroking. When both are done together, they produce the ultimate in physical arousal. To inflame your desire, all your lover needs to do is whisper his or her salacious intentions and then follow through on them.

Reality Check

You’re ambitious, hardworking, and clever. Your fine mind and quick wit make it easy for you to outsmart the competition. However, where feelings and emotions are concerned, you’re changeable and contradictory. The volatility of your personality puzzles those close to you. You may be buoyant, high spirited, and full of fun one moment, and then you shift gears and become rather solemn and thoughtful the next.

January 12 Birthday Compatibility


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