June 20 Birthday Compatibility

June 20

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Partnership and sharing are vital to your happiness and well-being. Although too much intimacy can make you uncomfortable, a loving romantic union gives you a necessary sense of security. When you’re involved with someone you care about, you are generally loyal and dependable. However, you thrive on mental stimulation and may become quickly bored with a lover who has nothing to say. At times you tend to blow hot and cold in an intimate relationship. You want the love that family life provides, yet you also require the freedom to pursue your own dreams, plans, and ideas.

In Bed

A lover with a deep appreciation for the joys of the flesh, you make a very desirable bedmate. You may not be among the most adventurous of the Gemini lovers, but you are one of the most sensual. Unlike some members of your Sun sign, during foreplay you take the time to linger over each touch or kiss until it works its intended magic. Your quirky sense of humor and witty banter adds a light touch to your passionate lovemaking.


Although basically stable yourself, you are fascinated by the idea of engaging in sexual activities that are wildly out of character. Any role-playing game that allows you to substitute a bit of naughty for a lot of nice is a guaranteed turn-on. In expressing your curiosity through play-acting with your beloved, you indulge your most exotic desires.

Reality Check

You like things to be safe and serene, yet you crave change and diversity.

A practical intellectual, your versatility and originality manifest most often on a mental plane. Emotionally, however, you flip back and forth. With your mind in control, you are flexible, logical, and somewhat detached. But you become extraordinarily stubborn and intractable when your feelings take over.

June 20 Birthday Compatibility


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