November 28 Birthday Compatibility

November 28

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

In an intimate relationship, you are an exciting, passionate, affectionate lover. However, you’re really not concerned with forever. Despite being a bit of a romantic idealist, you don’t take love all that seriously. You crave spontaneity and change, and you enjoy meeting new people. Because your capacity for boredom is exceedingly low, you’ll stay around only as long as your partner holds your interest. Once the thrill is gone, you may up and leave.

Of course, you’re devoted and attentive while the romance lasts. But when your wanderlust kicks in, you are quite capable of taking off without regrets or a backward glance.

In Bed

Few people know how to have a better time than you, either in bed or elsewhere. Equally prepared to share a laugh or an adventure, you have an impetuous nature that propels you forward toward ever more daring romantic exploits. Although possibly not the most tender or sensitive of lovers, you’re surely one of the more fun loving, innovative, and inventive. Being with you is something akin to a carnival ride of sensual delights. Once aroused, your red-hot libido can keep you going well into the night.


You like to make love outdoors. Under the stars, the boardwalk, or the bleachers, you’re turned on by the carefree abandon of following your impulses wherever they take you. You also enjoy waking up your lover in the early morning, or during the night, with sultry, seductive, all-over kisses and sensuous caresses that lead to deeper erotic pleasures.

Reality Check

Essentially an idea person, you’re driven to explore, create, and act on what you’ve created. Despite your tremendous breadth of vision, you have difficulty coping with small details. Once a project is under way, you are inclined to move on and leave it to others to finish what you’ve started.

November 28 Birthday Compatibility


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