December 30 Birthday Compatibility

December 30

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 3, 6

In Love

Individuals born on this day are very companionable and relish the company of creative, intelligent people. You can flirt with finesse, yet despite your roving eye, you crave a stable, lasting intimate union. In a loving relationship, mental harmony is just as important to you as sexual satisfaction. Your ideal partner is smart, with a great sense of humor. He or she should enjoy sharing and discussing ideas with you and be able to keep you interested and entertained. Although you want freedom of movement for yourself, you expect absolute loyalty and devotion from your mate or partner.

In Bed

Your wit and charming way with words make you appear forthright. But the truth is that you are rather shy, and it can take years to get to know you. When you’re out in public with your significant other, your manner is friendly but decidedly reserved. Alone with your lover, you drop the mask and reveal the randy, ardent side of your nature. Your own bedroom becomes the perfect setting for your passionate lovemaking. Moreover, you take great pride in your prowess and ability to gratify your bed partner.


Engaging in pillow talk with your partner increases your feelings of intimacy. The bedmate who knows how to make you laugh knows the best ways to turn you on. You respond amorously to the lover who appeals to your offbeat humor with jokes and funny stories. You also get off on telling tales-out-of-school about other people’s private lives.

Reality Check

Creativity and intelligence are your strong points. You operate from a mental plane and rarely let feelings get in the way of sound judgment. Because your inclination is to distance yourself from your emotions, much of the time you are not even aware of what you’re actually feeling.

December 30 Birthday Compatibility


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