October 28 Birthday Compatibility

October 28

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this date are intensely loyal and devoted.

When you fall in love, you pursue the object of your affection with unremitting zeal. You want a lasting relationship, and when you find it you make a steadfast and loving partner. However, you refuse to get seriously involved until you’re convinced that your potential mate is trustworthy.

Inherently jealous and possessive, you have an overly suspicious nature that can place a strain on an intimate union. Despite your air of determination, you’re sensitive and feel things very deeply. If the relationship doesn’t turn out as you planned, you may take it very hard.

In Bed

You project a fierce passion that is impossible to conceal. In bed, you’re a demanding but wickedly delightful lover. You intuit your mate’s deepest desires and wildest fantasies and then strive to make them come true. Even so, your feelings tend to run hot and cold. Physically, you’re always hot, but emotionally your need for solitary periods of personal freedom sometimes outweighs your desire to be with your partner. Your ideal lover knows how to handle your unpredictable volatility without dampening your fiery intensity.


Something of an extremist, you tend to equate loving with power and control. Challenges, new erotic experiences, and a bed partner with an aggressive nature that matches your own are among the things that turn you on. A bit of excitement, mystery, drama, or even a hint of danger can whet your sexual appetite and get your motor going.

Reality Check

You are a physically active, emotionally intense powerhouse with a compelling need to leave your mark on the world. Driven by fiery courage and steely determination, you relish the opportunity to confront challenging situations. One of life’s warriors, you are prepared to fight for the causes you believe in.

October 28 Birthday Compatibility


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