November 17 Birthday Compatibility

November 17

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

Despite their tough outer shells, people celebrating birthdays today often experience feelings of loneliness. If you seem distant and mysterious, it’s because of the intensely private side of your nature that makes it difficult for you to reveal your innermost thoughts. Typically it’s lack of trust that causes you to hide your emotional vulnerability and demand constant reassurances from your beloved. What you are really seeking is proof of his or her love for you. Consequently, you’re not an easy person to live with. However, once you’ve satisfied your need for acceptance, you make a loyal, devoted romantic partner.

In Bed

Outwardly cool and controlled, when you are alone with your beloved you morph into a wildly passionate lover. You’re a born sensualist, and your red-hot libido comes to life behind closed doors. In the bedroom with your romantic partner, you can feel free to let your guard down, set aside daily cares, and surrender totally to your amorous nature. Once you get going, your smoldering desire swiftly builds to a tantalizing urgency, culminating in a riotous explosion of sexual fireworks.


The passionate side of your love nature is free-spirited and playful. Most any kind of sexy dalliance will inflame your lusty libido, yet you enjoy using fun props such as erotic toys and novelties that are designed to tease, entice, and turn you on. By adding new sexual rituals and positions to your repertoire, you keep your lovemaking exciting.

Reality Check

Although you approach your responsibilities with the utmost seriousness, you have a fun-loving personality and a wonderfully wacky sense of humor.

Because you invariably know what you want in life, you refuse to be sidetracked by extraneous circumstances. However, you need to be emotionally involved in what you’re doing or you lose interest and your energy stagnates.

November 17 Birthday Compatibility


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