September 29 Birthday Compatibility

September 29

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 2, 2

In Love

Love is everything to you. Sensuous, caring, and sentimental, you can’t imagine being without a mate. You flourish in a secure, loving union.

Sociable by nature, you may enjoy a little flirting from time to time, but what you really want is a grand passion with your true love. Once you find that person, it’s relatively simple for you to remain loyal and committed to the end. An idealist with regard to intimacy, you throw yourself into a relationship with your whole heart. In return, you expect your lover to fill your life with love, affection, poetry, and romance.

In Bed

When it comes to your bedroom activities, you possess a sixth sense that clues you in to your partner’s deepest desires. Behind closed doors, you give all of yourself to your lover, and you want 100 percent of his or her attention in return. Not likely to be satisfied with dull routine, you crave some excitement between the sheets. While variety and creativity turn you on, you’re not interested in trying anything that is too far out or decidedly kinky.


An absolute sucker for kitschy sentimentality, you have a decided weakness for all the props that traditionally accompany a romantic encounter. Silken sheets, sultry nightwear, soft music, scented candles, beautiful flowers, chilled champagne, and a box of chocolates on the bedside table turn your lovemaking into an erotic feast for the senses.

Reality Check

More laid-back than most other members of the zodiacal family, you tend to take each day as it comes. You love everything that is beautiful, artistic, and pleasing to the senses. Your appreciation of the good things in life, including pleasant, harmonious surroundings and the beauties of nature, makes it easier for you to relax and deal with everyday tension and stress.

September 29 Birthday Compatibility


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