May 10 Birthday Compatibility

May 10

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 6

In Love

In an intimate relationship, you are warm and passionate. Occasionally you show a side of yourself that is possessive and jealous, but more often you are friendly, sociable, generous, caring, and indulgent. You crave security and can be difficult and demanding if your stability is threatened. There is a freewheeling side to your nature that wants adventure and independence.

However, your need for roots and family connections usually overcomes your desire for personal freedom. If and when you find the right person, you are not afraid to take the plunge and commit yourself for the long haul.

In Bed

Enamored of all the earthly pleasures, you approach the bedroom with a combination of languid sensuality and bold, aggressive action. Your magnetic personality gives off subtle hints of the passion simmering beneath your surface reserve. Nevertheless, you don’t like being hurried or rushed, either in bed or out. You prefer a slow, steady seduction to fast, furious lovemaking. However, once in the throes of passion, your reserve melts away. In the sizzling intensity of the moment, you respond with total abandon.


Sexually you’re impulsive and spontaneous. You would like to be able to make love whenever the mood hits you. Because this is rarely possible in everyday life, nothing turns you on like the prospect of a secluded romantic getaway. Freed from your daily concerns, the two of you can bask in an atmosphere of unfettered sensuality and passion.

Reality Check

Despite your need for security, your pioneering spirit impels you to try new things and explore virgin territory. A natural leader, you instinctively take charge in cooperative ventures. Moreover, you tend not to worry much about what others think of you or your actions. As a result, you can garner a reputation for being bossy and officious.

May 10 Birthday Compatibility


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