March 29 Birthday Compatibility

March 29

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

Individuals celebrating birthdays today have magnetic personalities with an abundance of charm and sex appeal. Although you like your freedom as much as the next ram, you’d rather be intimately involved with another person than on your own. In a close relationship, you’re passionate, generous, and caring. With the right partner, you’re loving, devoted, and loyal, and you expect the same consideration in return. You’re less of a hothead and more inclined to compromise than other Aries natives. However, your inclination to internalize anger rather than express it directly may result in interactions that come off as passive-aggressive.

In Bed

Yours is a very sensuous nature, and you thoroughly enjoy exploring all of life’s erotic delights. An exciting lover, you like being the innovator of shared sexual pleasures. Your approach to lovemaking goes back and forth between playful and relaxed and urgent and intense. You dazzle your partner with an irresistible mix of languid sensuality and audacious aggressiveness. However, your physical and emotional needs are so closely intertwined that you need a lover you can connect with in a meaningful way.


You’re turned on by the feeling of being simpatico with your lover at an extraordinarily deep level. You may have a mystical sense that you and your partner were lovers in other lifetimes. This romantic idea of a magical connection between you can lead to exciting and fanciful reenactments of sexual adventurers you shared in past lives.

Reality Check

Because of your calmer disposition, you avoid many of the typical Aries blunders that stem from hasty decisions. However, there are times when you are completely at odds with yourself. You feel stifled when your impetuous Aries energy must be subdued in favor of compromise and cooperation.

March 29 Birthday Compatibility


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