August 03 Birthday Compatibility

August 3

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

People born on this date are vibrant, gregarious, and outgoing. Relationships mean a great deal to you, and you enjoy interacting with others in social gatherings and one-on-one situations. You need to be able to admire and respect your partner, and you expect approbation and fidelity in return.

The intimate union that provides both mental and physical stimulation is your idea of heaven. You tend to think of your life as an epic movie, with you in the lead role. Your ideal costar is the one who shares your many and varied interests, without attempting to hog the spotlight.

In Bed

Your ability to please your partner is exceedingly important to you. By combining passion with romance and imagination, you keep your lovemaking fresh and alive. You pride yourself on remembering the little details that make your mate feel truly loved and appreciated. Flowers, music, and candles add a touch of romance and drama to your bedroom scenario. However, once your lusty libido is inflamed, tenderness and sentimentality quickly give way to torrid sensuality.


Adulation is your biggest turn-on. The lover who never fails to tell you how wonderfully sexy you are knows how to make the lion roar. The erotic, sensual side of your nature responds to both verbal and tactile demonstrations of affection. Because you enjoy being pampered, a sensuous back massage puts you in the mood for lovemaking.

Reality Check

Amiable and optimistic on the surface, your sunny façade covers a ton of ambition. Temperamentally, you are an individualist who resists being typecast. A doer as well as thinker and talker, you can master any subject exciting enough to hold your interest. Once you decide what you want to accomplish, you will follow through and stick with it until you reach your goal.

August 03 Birthday Compatibility


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