May 23 Birthday Compatibility

May 23

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 5

In Love

The quick-witted, gregarious individual celebrating a birthday on this date has a bright, breezy personality and a wonderful sense of humor. Everyone wants to be your friend because you have an instinct for getting along with people. You may think you crave the intensity of a close relationship, but you’re exceedingly wary of emotional vulnerability. Actually friendship and mutual understanding attract you more than passion and romance. You’re loyal to those you love, but you won’t tolerate restrictions on your freedom, and you refuse to let anyone stop you from doing your own thing.

In Bed

As one of the most innovative lovers in the zodiac, you thrive on change and versatility. An inventive bed partner with unlimited curiosity, you’re always open to novel ideas for sexual experimentation. Adaptable and suggestible, you are never boring in the bedroom. Emotionally, however, there is a distinct coolness in your nature that causes you to intellectualize and analyze your erotic experiences. In fact, you get almost as much pleasure from thinking and talking about sex as from doing it.


You need a partner who can share your vibrant and changeable fantasy life.

Because your obsession with words transfers to the bedroom, you’re turned on by anything that involves verbal expression during sex. From whispering sweet nothings to talking about intimate desires in the most explicit language, you yearn to discuss it all with your lover.

Reality Check

Your mental scope is exceptionally broad, and your unique ideas are usually one step ahead of those of your contemporaries. You can be unconventional, open-minded, and unpredictable on one hand, yet really stubborn and opinionated on the other. Your inner world is composed of thoughts and ideas, and in many ways it is more real to you than the world outside yourself.

May 23 Birthday Compatibility


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