September 23 Birthday Compatibility

September 23

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 5, 5

In Love

More than anything you need love and companionship. If you are like other Libra natives, you probably can’t truly be happy without a partner to share your life. Even so, your tendency to think in terms of “we” and “us” is somewhat diminished by a longing for freedom and independence. Although you rarely admit to being fickle, there is a definite fear of intimacy in your makeup. You are affectionate and caring, yet even in a romantic union you project an airy detachment that your mate may find off-putting. Your ideal lover is someone capable of merging romance and sexuality with friendship and intellectual rapport.

In Bed

A genuine romantic, at times you actually seem to prefer the courtly rituals of romance to the unbridled passion of earthy sexual encounters. However, when the mood strikes you, you can be as ardent and innovative a lover as any in the zodiac. An idealist and uncompromising dreamer, you want your sexual encounters to be as close to perfect as you can make them. Gratifying your bedmate is important to you, and few other lovers are as adept at making a partner feel cherished and adored.


You have refined tastes and a tendency to recoil from crude or overly aggressive expressions of sexuality. You prefer a slow, seductive approach to sensuality. Creating the proper atmosphere with scented candles and oils appeals to your craving for romance. Your true passion emerges with erotic foreplay that includes lots of kisses and caresses.

Reality Check

Basically an intellectual, you live more in your mind than in your senses.

You have the ability to feel things mentally as well as emotionally. Despite your idealism, you are essentially a reasonable, rational person. You believe that problems are more readily resolved through discussion and compromise than armed warfare.

September 23 Birthday Compatibility


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