April 02 Birthday Compatibility

April 2

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 2, 6

In Love

The character of the person celebrating a birthday on this day is extremely complex, with great inconsistencies in basic temperament. Although you yearn for action and excitement, you need roots and security. Your biggest challenge is to find a way of combining your desire for independence and adventure with a comfortable, secure home life. Your sexual persona consists of equal parts passion and romance, and as a lover you are quite capable of sweeping a prospective partner off his or her feet. In an intimate union, you can be difficult and demanding but also loyal and caring.

In Bed

You’re sexy, sensuous, and fun loving, with a lively zest for life and love that makes you a star in the bedroom. You crave both pleasure and excitement and enjoy passion and romance in equal doses. When making love, you know how to walk the fine line between arousal and consummation. Unlike some rams, you’re a patient lover with no intention of rushing toward completion. Intent on pleasing yourself and your partner, you take the time to savor every moment.


You have a marvelously tactile nature. You like touching and caressing and being touched and stroked, until both you and your bed partner are absolutely shivering with delight and anticipation. Following this mutual petting session, you can feel yourself being swept along a path strewn with unimagined erotic delights and sensual pleasures.

Reality Check

Although outspoken and fond of your own opinions, you are usually tolerant of other people’s ideas when discussing subjects that do not touch you emotionally. However, you can be surprisingly dogmatic when your own beliefs are called into account. Your enthusiastic Aries personality helps you win others over to your point of view, while your more levelheaded, practical side puts forward arguments that sound so plausible they wear down the remaining resistance.

April 02 Birthday Compatibility


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