August 23 Birthday Compatibility

August 23

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

In close relationships you rarely act the way others expect. Intrinsically unemotional and private, you may come off as disinterested in intimacy and commitment. However, this is really not the case. You actually prefer coming home to a peaceful environment and the security of a permanent, committed union. Once involved, you are loyal and devoted. Even so, you need your personal space. If your romantic partner tries to cramp your style, your inclination is to shut down emotionally. If this happens, you may find it easier to just leave, rather than hang around and hash things out with your significant other.

In Bed

For you, sexual arousal begins in the mind. You may shy away from public displays of affection, but behind closed doors you’re as sensual and affectionate as anyone. The wise lover knows how to draw out your elusive passions by appealing to your intellect. The clever lover loosens you up with provocative language and witty sexual banter. In the bedroom, anything new and unusual intrigues you and diverts your attention away from everyday concerns.


A full-body massage with aromatic oils relaxes you and awakens your earthy appetites. An amorous, enticing seduction inflames your lusty libido and helps you forget about everything except the luscious sensuality of the moment. Erotic teasing and languid caresses build sexual tension and ready you for the heightened sensations of lovemaking.

Reality Check

Your mentality moves back and forth between linear, logical, scientific thinking and chaotic, unstructured leaps of faith. Yet your more rational inner self functions in a precise and orderly fashion. Although your ideas may be somewhat quirky and unconventional, in many ways you’re quite sensible and practical. Together these diverse aspects of your character provide you with the ability to manifest your visionary ideas in the material world.

August 23 Birthday Compatibility


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