August 10 Birthday Compatibility

August 10

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Up front regarding your affections, when you find your soul mate you give yourself over completely. Your romantic idealism is intense, and you view your love relationships as somewhat larger than life. Because you thrive on approval and praise, you’re easily offended by real or imagined slights. It’s so hard for you to accept second place, you become extremely jealous at the hint of a potential rival for your lover’s attention. When disillusioned by your partner, your initial impulse is to try to work things out. However, once convinced the relationship cannot be saved, you’ll leave without a backward glance.

In Bed

A vibrantly alive lover, you eagerly make the most of every exciting bedroom encounter. Your ardent approach to sensual pleasure is augmented by your confidence and sexual prowess. Your innate generosity comes through loud and clear in your style of lovemaking, and your passionate enthusiasm brings ecstatic delight to you and your bedmate. However, you crave more than mere physical satisfaction in bed. Your true aim is to turn your union into a transcendent experience for both of you.


The spontaneous lover who initiates impromptu, devil-may-care lovemaking really knows how to turn you on. Quickly bored by dull routine, you respond ardently to unanticipated moments of wild abandon. Provocative language, sexy attire, and dramatic gestures of love and affection stimulate your body and arouse your lusty sexual appetites.

Reality Check

You adore playing generous benefactor but can’t stand being the recipient of anyone else’s munificence. You consider it your obligation, as a regal lion, to aid those in need. It doesn’t matter to you if your help puts them in a position of owing you something in return. However, you detest the idea of being emotionally indebted to another, instead of the other way around.

August 10 Birthday Compatibility


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