August 04 Birthday Compatibility

August 4

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Persons celebrating birthdays on this day are intensely dedicated to achieving their personal goals. Because you need to feel liked and respected, you care a great deal about the impression you make on others. Your sunny, magnetic personality gets people’s attention and draws them to you. In love and romance, you’re warmhearted, passionate, and extremely generous.

Despite a strong independent streak, you’re devoted to your friends and family and want the safety and security of a happy home life. When you find the love you crave, you’re not afraid to show your deepest feelings.

However, you expect absolute devotion in return.

In Bed

You want a sexual relationship that is a true partnership—so long as you can be the boss. Although you can’t help assuming the dominant role, your mate’s gratification is always uppermost in your mind. For you, the ability to share your most intense feelings with your bed partner is what makes a relationship special. As a delightfully romantic, imaginative lover, you’ll go to great pains to make sure your bedroom surroundings are as dramatic and opulent as possible.


You have vivid sexual fantasies and enjoy playing them out with your lover.

Sexy attire turns you on and sets the stage for the sensual pleasures to come.

Acting out erotic love scenes together also appeals to your sense of the theatrical. With a bed partner who appreciates your creativity, you feel free to engage in fanciful games of torrid seduction.

Reality Check

Because you have little trouble organizing your own life, you are confident of your ability to organize other people’s lives as well. The problem is that you can be interfering and bossy. Moreover, you expect people to follow your advice whether or not they’ve asked for it or think they need it.

August 04 Birthday Compatibility


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