April 13 Birthday Compatibility

April 13

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 4, 8

In Love

In personal relationships you often feel torn between your desire for freedom and independence and your sense of duty and obligation to others.

When your impulsive Aries nature prompts you to rush headlong into a romantic union, a cautious little voice inside your head reminds you to think before you leap. A loyal friend and faithful lover, you yearn for a long-term relationship that is built on a solid foundation. Despite your need to always be the one in control, you have a kinder, gentler side that is generous, caring, and extremely protective of loved ones.

In Bed

As someone with a lusty libido, you need to find a bedmate whose physical needs equal your own. Sex has a transforming effect on you; your lover only needs to lure you into the bedroom to chase away a bad mood. Success in bed boosts your self-esteem. The more you enjoy the fruits of love and romance, the more daring and adventurous a lover you become—particularly if your significant other encourages you to throw caution to the winds and try some unfamiliar moves.


You have the stamina to make love all night long, if only you had the time.

The trick is to get you to make time for lovemaking. A smart lover seduces you away from your obligations by stroking both your ego and your body, with a combination of slow, passionate caresses and sincere admiration for your capabilities in and out of bed.

Reality Check

You have a driving determination to get things done and a compelling desire to get them done right. You’re able to spot potential weaknesses before they develop into serious problems. If difficulties arise, it’s usually because you refuse to believe that others can do a job as well as you.

April 13 Birthday Compatibility


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