April 29 Birthday Compatibility

April 29

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 2, 6

In Love

More introverted than extroverted, individuals born on this day rarely make the first move or initiate anything. You would rather sit back and wait for opportunity to come knocking, which it invariably does. This is particularly true where your love life is concerned. Fearful of rejection, you rely on the passive approach to romance. You much prefer attracting a lover to pursuing one. Despite your amiable nature and great sense of humor, you are afraid of looking foolish. Because you care about what other people think, you shy away from any relationship that might make you the butt of gossip.

In Bed

Taurus is the most sensuous of all the signs. Although sexuality is included among your catalog of sensual pleasures, it is far from the only one on the list. Actually, you enjoy most anything that appeals to the senses, especially the sense of touch. Physically, you are deeply passionate, but somewhat shy and reserved. A caring and considerate lover, you treat your partner extremely well. In and out of bed, you will do whatever you can to keep your mate happy and interested.


Physical pleasure turns you on. Nothing makes you happier than spending long, languid hours indulging in your preferred activities: eating, drinking, and making love. You want to be wooed and pampered lavishly, in elegant, luxurious surroundings—to be kissed and caressed until you’re nothing more than a quivering mass of sensual desires.

Reality Check

Your shadow side manifests when you become so set in your ways that you’re unable or unwilling to adapt to change of any kind. If this happens, your main virtue—persistence—becomes your worst fault. In your search for security and stability you may become so rigid and obstinate that you won’t even consider modifying your views.

April 29 Birthday Compatibility


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