December 29 Birthday Compatibility

December 29

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

At heart you’re a romantic, but more than a little insecure with regard to your personal life. Despite a desperate desire to be loved and understood, you need to be sure you can trust the other person before you will commit to an intimate union. When you find your true love, you expect him or her to fulfill all your dreams. Innately passionate and sensual, you need physical affection and the reassurance that can only come from a caring, faithful, and devoted mate. When you feel safe and secure in a loving union, you are the staunchest, most reliable of partners.

In Bed

Casual affairs are not your cup of tea. When you are in love, you play for keeps. You want a lasting relationship in which both partners understand each other completely. For you, sex is an exotic feast for the senses, and the pleasures of the bedroom serve as the glue that cements your union. Pleasing your lover is as important to you as pleasing yourself. Your tastes are romantic but uncomplicated. A few affectionate words from your beloved can put you in the mood for lovemaking.


Physically you seem somewhat reserved, but beneath your cool façade you pulsate with smoldering sensuality. The lover who unleashes your sensuous, earthy sexuality will find it nothing short of breathtaking. A loving massage draws out your hidden passions, and provocative words and erotic touching release your urgent desires.

Reality Check

You’re able to distance yourself from your emotions long enough to consider the long-term implications of your actions. You refuse to let anyone derail your dreams and ambitions, and love alone is not enough to influence you.

If you fall for someone you consider unsuitable, you would rather give him or her the boot than modify your life plan.

December 29 Birthday Compatibility


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