August 05 Birthday Compatibility

August 5

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

The individual born on this date cannot tolerate any kind of hypocrisy or deceit. When you love someone, you do so with your whole heart and soul.

Yet despite your deep-seated need for love and affection, you require a certain amount of breathing room. A caged lion is an unhappy lion. You make a generous, thoughtful, exciting lover as long as the relationship is not too confining. Moreover, companionship and friendship are as important to you in an intimate union as physical passion. In fact, you tend to lose interest in any relationship that lacks intellectual rapport.

In Bed

Even though you take lovemaking seriously, there is a playful, mischievous side to your love nature that allows you to have a great deal of fun in bed.

Your curious mind and yen for discovery and experimentation make you want to try new things and venture into previously unexplored sexual territory. Although you are capable of the most intense flashes of passion, it’s your intellect that tends to dominate and dictate your actions, even in the bedroom.


For you, desire comes as much from the mind as from the body. The spirited lover who can make you laugh also knows what to do to turn you on.

Playful teasing and fooling around loosens you up and inflames your passion. Role-playing games and acting out your erotic fantasies let you express your seductive sexuality with a theatrical flair.

Reality Check

Like Aries, Leo really wants to win. However, unlike the ram, the lion knows how to turn a defeat into a seeming victory. When you lose at something, your conduct and demeanor are generally so noble and magnanimous that you fool onlookers into thinking that you actually did win, or that at the very least, you should have won.

August 05 Birthday Compatibility


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