February 17 Birthday Compatibility

February 17

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

You’re a strong-willed, ambitious, determined individualist. You know what you want to accomplish and you refuse to be diverted by emotional factors.

Where your personal relationships are concerned, you’re sociable, friendly, and charming on the outside, but within yourself you are often uncertain and indecisive. Because you rarely let your deeper feelings show, you may appear even cooler and more detached than you actually are. Although you want and need a loving partner at your side, you’re afraid that a serious romantic involvement might distract you from your work and prevent you from fulfilling your destiny.

In Bed

The ongoing conflict between your deep need for love and affection and your workaholic obsession with success can be frustrating and confusing.

Despite your strong sex drive, you may repress or ignore your physical and emotional needs. However, when you stop trying to control your feelings and give in to your sexual impulses, you make a passionate, enthusiastic lover. Your desires are driven by your intellect. For you, erotic stimulation always begins in your mind and then spreads throughout your body.


There is an element of idealism in your attitude toward love and sex. You can be seduced more readily with sensual elegance and sophistication than by cheap, raunchy displays of overt sexuality. A wise partner will ease you into a relaxed mood with a little wine and music before attempting to make love to you.

Reality Check

In your close relationships, an air of detachment masks your devotion to your loved ones. You want affection and understanding, but you are wary of losing your precious independence. You think that a display of feelings will make you seem vulnerable and dependent. Intimacy may not be your strong point, but your loyalty and fidelity counterbalance any emotional shortcomings.

February 17 Birthday Compatibility


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