June 23 Birthday Compatibility

June 23

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

People born on this date tend to have a wide range of interesting associates but few close friends. Your emotional needs are so contradictory, you don’t always know what you want. Basically a traditionalist, you are home and family oriented. Yet in an intimate union, you may feel conflicted between a desire for roots and commitment and a yearning for freedom and independence. Moreover, there is a part of you that craves intellectual companionship and is attracted by less-than-conventional lifestyles. Your ideal relationship is well rounded and appeals to both the emotional and intellectual sides of your nature.

In Bed

You like to take your time before exposing your deepest feelings. Sometimes you are tender and loving, on other occasions cool and distant. Although you want warmth and nurturing, you’re afraid of the emotional vulnerability that intense emotions can reveal. You do best with a sensitive, caring partner who is capable of loving you without attempting to smother or cage you.

The lover who engages your mind and imagination with humor and lively conversation also enlivens your spirits.


In the right situation, with the right lover, you’re capable of throwing yourself into sensual pleasure with complete abandon. Behind closed doors, detached coolness turns into smoldering passion as you indulge in erotic foreplay or play out a torrid fantasy before moving on to a superb night of spontaneous and uninhibited lovemaking.

Reality Check

Your basic character is a complex blend of a rational intellect with the empathy, intuition, and sensitivity of the Sun in Cancer. These contrasting characteristics give you an elusive, paradoxical quality that is difficult to pigeonhole or define. On one hand, you’re independent and self-contained, and on the other you’re extraordinarily susceptible to the moods and feelings of those around you.

June 23 Birthday Compatibility


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