September 16 Birthday Compatibility

September 16

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 7, 7

In Love

An intimate relationship can be rather difficult for you, mainly because you require more freedom and time for your own interests than most other Virgo natives. You tend to function better in an individual capacity, where you’re the authority in your personal realm. You need a romantic partner who understands your moody nature and longing for occasional periods of solitude. When you don’t have a special someone who is tuned to your wavelength, you’re content to be alone. Easily hurt if you suspect that your feelings are not reciprocated, your inclination is to convey your love through thoughtful actions rather than flowery words.

In Bed

An idealistic bedmate, you believe that lovemaking should have a higher purpose than mere sexual satisfaction. You long to establish a mental and spiritual bond with your mate, along with the physical one. Despite your somewhat cautious approach and yearning for perfection, the promise of true love fuels your libido and stirs your hidden passions. When the mood strikes you, you make an ardent, nimble, considerate lover, as concerned with giving pleasure as receiving it.


You are turned on by an aware lover who cherishes your more transcendent moments together as much as you do. A slow, artful seduction appeals to your refined nature and delicate sensibilities. Although you like to ease into intimacy slowly, once you get going, the layers of earthy sensuality lurking just beneath the surface rapidly unfold.

Reality Check

With Mr. or Ms. Right you are a loyal and devoted lover. However, insecurity can make you possessive. Jealousy often prompts you to shoot yourself in the foot by creating a crisis where none exists. With a partner who is so unsure about things, your significant other may begin to wonder if your relationship is really worth the problems it engenders.

September 16 Birthday Compatibility


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