May 31 Birthday Compatibility

May 31

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 9

In Love

Your easygoing, friendly demeanor effectively conceals a fierce determination to “make it” in life. Although you may not admit it to anyone else, deep down you know that you are on a fast track to success. Inherently more stable emotionally than other Gemini natives, you are also more likely to settle down at a younger age. Once you set your sights on Mr. or Ms.

Right, you won’t rest until you’ve captured his or her heart. You are not particularly romantic or sentimental. When you find your true love, you demonstrate the sincerity of your affections through your loyalty and devotion.

In Bed

Lighthearted fun in the bedroom offers the perfect counterpoint to a stressful day at work. Before the games begin, your bed partner can help relax your sensitive nerves with soothing words and gentle touches. Because your imagination works in overdrive, just a hint of desire is often all it takes to engage your active libido. You and your playmate may further excite and stimulate each other by accompanying your lovemaking with an ongoing stream of tantalizing erotic conversation.


Your fluency in language, especially the language of love and sexuality, allows you to express your lusty desires verbally as well as physically. Witty sex banter and seductive wordplay spark your appetite and put you in the mood for love. The suitor who wants to please you should surprise you with novel ideas for inspired lovemaking.

Reality Check

Possessed of an inborn sense of right and wrong, you are more fixed in your opinions than others of your Gemini Sun sign. Yet you manage to get along with most people and fit in just about anywhere. Even so, you are basically an idealist, and stubborn enough to refuse to compromise your integrity on important issues.

May 31 Birthday Compatibility


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