December 04 Birthday Compatibility

December 4

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Mars; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

In social situations, your humor and seemingly easygoing nature make you an utterly charming companion. However, the serious side of your character emerges once you’re away from the spotlight. At heart, you are exceedingly hardworking and determined to succeed in life. Inherently more cautious and prone to look before you leap than most other archers, you weigh all your options before getting involved in a romantic alliance. You’re pulled between wanting independence and desiring the security of a committed union. However, when you do pledge your love, you believe the alliance will last forever. If it doesn’t, you could become quite despondent.

In Bed

A homebody with a touch of the adventurous thrill seeker, you’re eager to expand your sensual horizons by exploring all sorts of sexual practices.

Although you’re willing to go along with almost anything in bed, you may be too shy to come right out and say so. Your ideal bedmate inflames your passion by “luring” you into previously untested erotic territory. You’re more likely to allow your uninhibited sensuality to surface when you have assurance of your lover’s willingness to comply.


A romantic evening of not-so-subtle seduction turns you on. A sultry striptease inflames your physical desire as it builds sexual excitement.

A talent for the dramatic makes it possible for you to engage in exotic role-playing games. Using your creative minds, you two devise new sensual pleasures inspired by your mutual flights of fantasy.

Reality Check

Although more ambitious than most other members of your Sun sign, you also tend to be moodier and considerably more sensitive. However, it’s the merger of your vivid imagination, intuition, and idealism with your wit, intellect, and physical vitality that provides you with the perfect launching pad for the pursuit of all your dreams, plans, and goals.

December 04 Birthday Compatibility


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