March 23 Birthday Compatibility

March 23

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 5, 8

In Love

You are a maverick and nonconformist, but you are not a loner. In spite of your independent spirit, you are very much a people person. Your magnetic personality attracts others and draws them to you. In a romantic relationship, you can be as fiery as any other Aries, yet you possess a cool inner detachment that keeps you from getting truly close. Where love and sexuality are concerned, you are innovative, idealistic, and adventurous. Friendship and intellectual rapport are as important to you as romantic love. You value your freedom and the companionship of shared interests above all else.

In Bed

There is nothing dull or boring about your approach to lovemaking.

Impetuous and ardent, you waste little time coming to the point about what you want. Sex with you is likely to be intense and frequent. Although not a particular fan of protracted foreplay, you’re not afraid to experiment with new or differing sexual techniques. In the bedroom, you are romantic, exciting, and lots of fun. Your preference runs to slightly bawdy, freewheeling romps with few strings attached.


You enjoy a challenge, and you’re as likely to be turned on by the thrill of the chase as by the ultimate conquest. You like sex games and you are up-front about your physical needs. You simply don’t have the patience for a slow, sultry seduction scene. Besides, you prefer rough-and-tumble sex to sweet and sentimental lovemaking.

Reality Check

You maintain your individuality by following your own course in life.

Although you’re willing to lend a hand to someone else in trouble, you hate having to depend on anyone other than yourself. You’d much rather learn from your own mistakes and deal with your own problems than seek or accept aid and advice from other people.

March 23 Birthday Compatibility


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