November 22 Birthday Compatibility

November 22

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 4, 6

In Love

Those born on this date tend to have less of a roving eye, and are more willing to commit to a permanent romantic alliance, than many of their Sagittarian Sun sign counterparts. Even so, you need to retain a certain amount of independence in all your relationships. You go back and forth between wanting the freedom to roam the world and needing the safety of a secure, committed union. Socially you are outgoing, charming, personable, and mildly flirtatious. Your threshold for boredom is quite low. However, once you reconcile your conflicting impulses you make a steadfast, sincere, and loving partner.

In Bed

You are a genuine romantic and more emotional than the typical archer. A true adventurer in and out of the bedroom, you long to explore various sexual practices. However, there is a touch of the conservative in you. Your ideal bed partner willingly grabs the initiative and lures you into uncharted sexual waters. But if he or she is less bold than you, your lusty appetite for erotic thrills will prompt you to take the lead in your search for excitement.


You’re something of a paradox when it comes to sex and romance. Sometimes you’re turned on just walking along, chatting and holding hands with your lover. But on other occasions, it requires the recklessness of a wild adventure to get your sexual juices going. Sharing high-energy activities invigorates you and lights a fire under your libido.

Reality Check

Your head wants safety, but your heart longs for change and excitement. You need to find a way to reconcile the responsible, cautious side of your nature with the individuality of your freewheeling temperament. The one thing the diverse sides of your character have in common is a consummate love of travel and exploring new places.

November 22 Birthday Compatibility


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