August 09 Birthday Compatibility

August 9

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

Lions born on this date are among the most optimistic members of their Sun sign. Innately warm and loving, your generosity to others is legendary.

You regard love as absolutely vital to personal happiness, and you project a magnetic allure that draws it into your life. As romantic as you are compassionate, you’re as likely to fall in love with an ideal as with a person.

However, if reality doesn’t live up to your dreams, you don’t let your disappointment keep you from seeking another soul mate. When you find your special someone, you’re loyal and devoted to his or her happiness.

In Bed

Your chameleonlike personality provides endless fascination in the bedroom.

You’re quite capable of enchanting your lover with subtle seductive moves one night and then dazzling him or her with sizzling intensity and wild abandon the next. Engaging in dramatic, ecstatic lovemaking makes you feel vitally alive. Taking time for slow, deliberate foreplay opens up all your senses. Your innate ability to intuit your partner’s needs and desires makes it easy for you to gratify them.


You respond passionately to visual entertainment and dramatic lovemaking.

A sultry, exotic striptease is a guaranteed turn-on. Your ideal lover is open to suggestions for spontaneous play and eager to join you in acting out your amorous daydreams. By creating an otherworldly atmosphere together, you intensify your feelings of intimacy.

Reality Check

Although you think you want a tranquil existence, your fiery solar nature craves action, excitement, and drama. Imaginative and intuitive, with an artistic temperament, you tend to be more restless and unpredictable than the average Leo Sun native. You’re also more sensitive and easily distressed than most other lions. Because your humanitarian instincts are so strong, you do whatever you can to help people in need.

August 09 Birthday Compatibility


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