June 18 Birthday Compatibility

June 18

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 6, 9

In Love

The friendly, outgoing individual celebrating a birthday on this date may garner a reputation as a social butterfly. You enjoy moving from place to place, seeing new faces and meeting new people. In a loving relationship you may care very deeply, yet you don’t like the feeling of being bogged down. You long for the grounding of a stable partnership, yet you fear the type of commitment a permanent union entails. When you are involved with someone special, your Gemini intellect wants friendship and mental stimulation. However, there is an idealistic side to your nature that also desires poetry and romance.

In Bed

The lover who shares your intellectual curiosity may stir your interest, but it takes someone with a hint of magic to truly touch your heart. Together you and your partner create a private world of sexual enchantment. When smitten, you envelop your mate in an atmosphere of deeply felt sensuality. You are bewitched by fantasy of all kinds. As soon as a sexy scenario enters your imagination, you long to act it out with your bed partner.


Unlike some Gemini natives, you crave intensity and depth of emotion in your lovemaking. Your unique combination of intellect and intuition allows you to form a special connection with your lover. It is not difficult for you to pick up on your partner’s secret desires, but in return you want the same type of intuitive understanding from him or her.

Reality Check

Emotionally, your reactions to most situations are receptive and instinctive.

But Gemini’s basic mistrust of emotions can cause you to try and suppress your feelings, or even to rationalize them away. However, by accepting your emotions and allowing them to flow through you, you open yourself up to a much wider field of creative expression.

June 18 Birthday Compatibility


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