March 27 Birthday Compatibility

March 27

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

You need a loving relationship in your life, yet you also want a certain amount of freedom to follow your personal destiny. Your problem is that you like having it both ways. The dual aspects of your chameleonlike personality mean that you are a homebody as well as a gregarious, enthusiastic partygoer. You enjoy dashing around town, meeting new people. But you also like retreating into a private space that you share only with your significant other. Because settling down is such an issue for you, you may go through some pretty tempestuous romances before it actually happens.

In Bed

You may be timid in some areas, but the bedroom isn’t one of them. With your playful, adventurous love nature and fiery sex drive, you’re willing to try just about anything. You enjoy acting out your romantic fantasies, many of which include dashing knights, fair ladies, and dangerous rescues from fire-breathing dragons. Unlike some rams, your style of lovemaking is neither pushy nor aggressive. Nevertheless, you have few inhibitions and like experimenting with new ways of pleasing your partner.


Sex is a game for you, and you play it with gusto. The hot-blooded, passionate side of your nature practically guarantees you a good deal of sexual pleasure. However, your sentimental side also enjoys spending peaceful hours alone with your beloved, just cuddling, drinking wine, watching films on TV, or listening to romantic music.

Reality Check

More intuitive and receptive to outside influences than the average Aries native, you’re less likely to make rash decisions or rush headlong into challenging or truly dangerous situations. Outwardly you give the impression of great forcefulness, but your soul is that of a poet. On the inside you harbor some insecurities that can be assuaged by a little encouragement from your partner.

March 27 Birthday Compatibility


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