April 07 Birthday Compatibility

April 7

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 2, 7

In Love

Because of their idealistic, philosophical natures, those born on this date tend to focus on what they believe to be right, rather than what is practical.

Although you prefer committed relationships to casual ones, you may find intimate unions difficult to sustain. Yet when you do allow yourself to get intensely involved with someone, you make a romantic, caring, and generous partner. Despite your outwardly aggressive Aries nature, you’re sensitive on the inside and feel things deeply. When life in general, or your love life in particular, fails to turn out as you planned, you take your disappointments to heart.

In Bed

Subject to a variety of moods, you seem to change a little bit each time you make love. The part of you that still believes in knights in shining armor rescuing damsels in distress expects the ideal partner to come along and transform both your lives. Your inner feelings of romantic vulnerability can cause you to go back and forth between bold action and hesitation in the bedroom. However, once you overcome your insecurities, you make a sensual, ardent, and perceptive lover.


There is a voice deep inside you advising you to hold on to your dreams.

You yearn for a love that is as wildly romantic as it is sexual, and you value the partner who is passionately interested in the arts, especially music and dance. A sexy, slow dance, with a lover who sings to you or woos you gently with poetic language, is a surefire turn-on.

Reality Check

You project an aura of mystery that other people find intriguing and a magnetic quality that draws them to you. However, you also have a moody, suspicious side that places a major strain on your personal relationships. In addition, your romantic idealism, high expectations, and outspoken manner can be pretty tough on those around you.

April 07 Birthday Compatibility


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