August 01 Birthday Compatibility

August 1

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Your warmhearted, sociable nature puts relationships at the very heart and soul of your existence. Your charming, fun-loving manner and sunny personality draw people to you and make them want to get to know you better.

Romantic and idealistic, your tendency is to dramatize and mythologize every aspect of your life. You see yourself as the Sun with your companions orbiting around you like so many little Moons. As a result, you can be a rather demanding friend or lover. You expect admiration, flattery, and ego stroking from your mate. In return, you offer passion, generosity, and loyalty.

In Bed

A classic superachiever, you’re known for your generous nature and flamboy-ant gestures. You think in superlatives and enjoy showering your lover with lavish gifts. When creating a romantic setting for lovemaking, you prepare the stage with flowers, candles, soft music, and whatever else seems appropriate to the upcoming performance. Although your sexual prowess may be up there with the most ardent Scorpio or Aries, your leonine ego is surprisingly needful of frequent encouragement and reassurance.


Flattery is Leo’s ultimate aphrodisiac, and nothing turns you on like admiration. Your strong sex drive is greatly enhanced by the luxurious, comfortable accoutrements of the good life. Although the intimate candlelight dinner doesn’t really need to contain champagne, caviar, and lobster Newburg, you certainly won’t complain if it does.

Reality Check

Like many lions, you’re very idealistic and addicted to the drama that surrounds your romantic unions. You view your relationships as larger than life.

With dreams so big and expectations so high, you’re often disappointed in the ensuing reality. Still, even the most disillusioned lion is rarely alone for long. When things don’t go as you’d hoped, your innate optimism spurs you on in your continued search for ideal love.

August 01 Birthday Compatibility


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