July 01 Birthday Compatibility

July 1

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

You like to think of yourself as daring and independent, but too much solitude makes you feel restless and depressed. You’re thrilled by the idea of risk taking yet afraid of getting hurt. While you may adore challenge and excitement, you actually require commitment and continuity. Despite your longing for emotional intimacy, your shifting moods take you back and forth between your need for love and your craving for freedom. As a result, you hide your feelings of vulnerability behind an aggressive façade. Although nurturing, generous, and giving, in a close relationship you can also be demanding, temperamental, and rather jealous.

In Bed

At once ardent and romantic, you tend to view lovemaking as a totally sensual experience. In the bedroom, you’re intensely serious and wickedly humorous by turns. You have a way of making the most ordinary pleasures sparkle with fun and excitement. Your sexually complex nature gives rise to an intimate union that is a blend of drama and passion interwoven with tenderness and sensitivity. You want a relationship in which you can share everything with your lover, without sacrificing your individuality.


You’re turned on by the thought of doing something outrageous in bed, yet your insecurities make you hesitant. With a lover you really trust, you can let down your hair and go wherever your lusty libido leads you. Acting out your erotic fantasies in a playful manner allows you to indulge your sexual desires without feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Reality Check

At once independent and dependent, you have an emotional life like a roller coaster with its constant ups and downs. Because you take yourself a bit too seriously, your pride is easily wounded. If your ideas are challenged or things don’t go the way you planned, you are subject to recurring fits of worry and depression.

July 01 Birthday Compatibility


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