June 11 Birthday Compatibility

June 11

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Individuals born on this date tend to think in pairs and usually prefer sharing life with another person to going it alone. In an intimate union, you are more sensual and passionate than other members of your Sun sign. Even so, you need a significant other with whom you have a mental affinity as well as a physical one. Emotionally, you can flip back and forth. Less adventurous than other Gemini natives, you like it when things are safe and serene. Yet there is an independent side to your character that yearns for diversity and the freedom to pursue personal goals.

In Bed

In the bedroom, your innate sensuality makes you eager to explore new ways to prolong and heighten the shared ecstasy. A sophisticated lover with refined sensibilities, you lure your bed partner with an elegant courtship that builds slowly toward a peak of pleasure. You tantalize your partner with whispered promises of unimagined delights. The duality of your nature prompts you to keep your lover guessing as lighthearted verbal teasing turns to smoldering physical passion.


Both sensual and curious, you are turned on by sexual experimentation.

You’re particularly delighted when your partner comes up with novel tricks and innovative ways to enhance your lovemaking. The very idea of trying out an aphrodisiac or searching through a book of erotica for inspiration appeals to your craving for change and variety.

Reality Check

There are a number of incompatible elements in the way you relate in an intimate union. Although physical closeness presents you with little difficulty, emotionally you are less accessible. Despite your deep-seated need for freedom and independence, the desire for security can cause you to stick with the “safe” love relationship that has gone sour rather than risk having to endure a solitary existence.

June 11 Birthday Compatibility


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