September 30 Birthday Compatibility

September 30

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 3, 3

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this date long for a permanent relationship yet tend to be rather fickle in their attachments. One part of you wants freedom, and the other wants commitment. As a result, you may go through a long string of romances before deciding to settle down with one person.

Friendship and intellectual companionship are as vital to you as love and romance, and a spirited debate can be as stimulating as a passionate sexual encounter. Nevertheless, you’re an incurable romantic and prone to falling in love with the idea of love. Once involved, you make a tender, considerate lover.

In Bed

Your clever mind and fluency with language make you a master of verbal seduction. Spoken and written sexual enticements have a major impact on you as well. Your natural curiosity and diverse interests prompt you to keep trying new things in bed. Your approach to lovemaking is typically lighthearted and playful. Drama has no place on your sexual agenda. You avoid intense emotional scenes whenever possible. If faced with a choice, you’d rather leave than stay and fight.


The smart lover garners your interest with a combination of wit and charm.

Easily bored by empty glamour, you long to establish a loving relationship that is based as much on friendship and mutual respect as on love. You respond to spontaneous gestures of romance. A provocative look or a few whispered words of desire speak volumes to you.

Reality Check

Self-expression is your forte. Although you actually know a little about a lot of things, you manage to give the impression of being deeply knowledgeable. You’re one of those people who could sell ice to Eskimos. Your agile mind makes it possible for you to field most questions with fast answers and clever off-the-cuff remarks.

September 30 Birthday Compatibility


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