September 03 Birthday Compatibility

September 3

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 3, 3

In Love

The individual born on this date is independent, sociable, and extremely friendly. You like people and enjoy exchanging ideas and swapping stories with everyone you meet. You need a loving partner who is your intellectual equal and challenges you mentally. In an intimate relationship, you value friendship and companionship almost as much as love and romance. When you let go emotionally and allow yourself to express your true feelings, you make a loving, caring, exceedingly helpful romantic partner. However, if you don’t find the perfection you seek the first time around, you’re capable of leaving to continue your search elsewhere.

In Bed

You’re a great talker and also a good listener. Gratifying your partner’s desires is important to you, and you make it your business to find out what he or she likes to do beneath the covers. You thrive with a lover who is intelligent and knowledgeable enough to hold your interest. As far as you’re concerned, sharing ideas and activities, in bed and out, keeps your relationship fresh and exciting. Although you prize your independence, you want stability and commitment in a romantic alliance.


Sexy role-playing fantasies are a major turn-on for you, and you enter into the world of your erotic imagination easily and eagerly. Intense drama in the bedroom really doesn’t appeal to you; you prefer sex games that are light, playful, and fun. You crave variety in your love life and enjoy experimenting with different positions and techniques.

Reality Check

You’re very versatile and require lots of diversity in your life to keep from stagnating intellectually. Despite a philosophical turn of mind, your real faith is in logic and reason. Excessive feelings and emotions make you exceedingly nervous. You much prefer a rational, analytical approach to the world and its problems.

September 03 Birthday Compatibility


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