November 26 Birthday Compatibility

November 26

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter;

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

A doer, thinker, and energetic worker, you lead an active lifestyle fueled by huge amounts of nervous energy. In an intimate alliance, you’re warmhearted and idealistic but highly critical of anyone who cannot measure up to your high standards. You require a great deal of breathing space in a romantic relationship. Even so, you’re quite capable of staying committed to a partner who understands the ins and outs of your freewheeling nature.

Although you love the excitement and change generally associated with an independent existence, you also crave the affection, devotion, and emotional security typically found in a permanent union.

In Bed

You’re a bit of a paradox when it comes to making love. You can be playful, flirty, and teasing one moment and passionately serious, even somewhat demanding, the next. Getting past your emotional armor may take some time, but once you feel comfortable with your lover you willingly throw caution to the winds. You have a healthy appetite for sensual delights, and you appreciate a lusty bed partner who shares your interest in trying out various sexual techniques.


When you work, you work hard. When you play, you’re serious about having fun. In fact, you can be more fun in bed than just about anyone. You get off on experimenting with novel ways to enhance sexual pleasure. From decadent edibles and naughty toys to sexy attire, you are open to any hot, spicy idea that adds to the enjoyment of lovemaking.

Reality Check

If you don’t learn how to relax, you risk burning yourself out. You have a wonderful acerbic wit and dry sense of humor. Moreover, you enjoy a good time as much as anyone. When you’re willing to take some time away from your busy schedule, you can be the life of the party.

November 26 Birthday Compatibility


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