October 01 Birthday Compatibility

October 1

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

Those born on this date are affectionate, outgoing, sociable, and considerably more passionate than most other members of their Sun sign. Because you enjoy everything about the rituals of loving, you rarely lack for romantic partners. Yet while your heart craves love and companionship, your head yearns for freedom. This ongoing inner battle between independence and dependence can make you seem indecisive one moment and rash and impetuous the next. In the long term, however, love generally wins out over everything else. Despite your dislike of restrictions, you truly need the companionship of a fulfilling and lasting romantic union.

In Bed

You like the excitement of the chase and the anticipation of impending conquest almost as much as the resulting lovemaking. Your bedroom style is full of delightful contradictions. You flash between opposite extremes very quickly, moving from ultraromantic to superpassionate in the blink of an eye. Your ideal bed partner is able to see through your changing moods to the warm, caring lover you really are. However, your refined Libra outer nature never quite overcomes the animal lustiness beneath the surface.


You respond passionately to an exciting, uninhibited bedmate who inflames your libido with long, smoldering kisses and enticing, intimate caresses.

Inwardly you long to break all the rules with a wild bedroom romp that gratifies your most primal urges. Sexy teasing and provocative suggestions add a bit of erotic spice to enhance your lovemaking.

Reality Check

Ambitious, determined, and charming, you’re usually able to get others to go along with your ideas. Because you appear more reasonable than you actually are, people may be caught off guard by the iron will beneath your serene exterior. Your initial approach is tactful and sensitive, but if diplomacy doesn’t bring results, you’re prepared to mount a more direct assault.

October 01 Birthday Compatibility


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