October 14 Birthday Compatibility

October 14

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

You consider life incomplete without a partner, yet your love of freedom and independence can prompt you to jump in and out of romantic relationships.

Once you find your soul mate and decide to settle down, you expect an ideal union. You need a romantic relationship that includes both love and companionship, and you are not likely to settle for anything less. Although naturally loving and affectionate, you live more in your mind than your body. As a result, you project an airy detachment even in your most intimate relationships, which your significant other may find rather daunting.

In Bed

In all areas of life, you have to be free to express yourself and your original ideas. Nowhere is this trait more obvious than in the bedroom. As a lover, you’re inventive and unconventional without ever being crude or vulgar.

Your sexual appetite is directly connected to your intellect, and you place a heavy emphasis on mental rapport in a love relationship. Verbal communication is your forte. The more you and your bedmate talk about the impending lovemaking, the greater your sex drive.


Your elusive quality can be misinterpreted as lack of interest in the physical side of love. Actually you’re quite sensual and highly sexed, but your thoughts are usually off in the stratosphere. Before your lover can turn you on, he or she needs to capture your full attention. A provocative look and a few erotic suggestions should bring you back to earth.

Reality Check

Basically an intellectual, you live inside your head and feel things mentally rather than emotionally. Love and friendship genuinely matter to you, and you strive to be evenhanded with everyone. Despite your idealistic nature, you’re a rational person. You believe that most problems can be resolved through discussion and compromise.

October 14 Birthday Compatibility


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