March 06 Birthday Compatibility

March 6

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 6, 9

In Love

Your magnetic personality, stellar charm, and gracious manner draw many admirers into your orbit. You don’t like being alone; without an intimate relationship in your life you feel adrift and incomplete. Yet despite a serious interest in establishing a committed romantic partnership, your ideas regarding long-term unions are exceedingly idealistic. Given your emotional vulnerability, you’re as likely to fall in love with a fantasy as with a real person.

When this happens, you try to tailor your experiences in the relationship to fit your psychological projection rather than allowing your lover to be him-self or herself.

In Bed

Your sex drive is powerful, yet for you lovemaking isn’t just about physical gratification. With your poetic temperament, there is a tendency to view the sex act as an art form in itself. Your approach in the bedroom is passionate, seductive, emotional, and intuitive. However, you yearn to establish a deeper connection with your partner—a mystical bond that is capable of erasing all boundaries between you. In this ideal fantasy, you two merge, blend, and truly become one.


With your Piscean weakness for water, you turn to putty in the hands of the lover who prepares a luxurious, candlelit bath for the two of you to share.

Add a foot rub, complete with scented oils, and you’re more than ready to move from sensual to sexual.

Reality Check

You abhor confrontation and strive for peace and harmony. You function best when things run smoothly, with a minimum of stress. Your aim is to help create a better world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Essentially an idealist, you refuse to give up on people. When life doesn’t turn out as you hoped, you try to avert disappointment by telling yourself that everything is really fine.

March 06 Birthday Compatibility


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