January 27 Birthday Compatibility

January 27

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Love brings out all the contradictory aspects of your nature. When you’re in love you feel as if you’re in a constant tug-of-war between intellect and emotion. Your instincts send you one message, and your rational mind another.

Even in your intimate relationships, you project a quality of detachment that some find off-putting but others view as mysterious and alluring. The intense romanticism in your makeup makes you yearn for the perfect love of some Utopian dreamworld, yet your rational, realistic side can’t help notic-ing your potential lover’s imperfections and shortcomings.

In Bed

Your approach in the boudoir is a curious combination of old-fashioned romance and sexually liberated modernity. A sensitive, responsive, generous lover, you adapt your own desires to those of your partner. Although you may find emotional demands restricting, you have few such qualms regarding physical ones. Above all, you want a sexual partner who is a friend and companion as well as a lover—preferably one who shares some of your many interests outside of the bedroom.


You may not admit it, but you’re something of a closet dreamer. Despite your reputation for rationality, you find everyday reality rather harsh for lovemaking. Fantasy and drama are what turn you on. Just the thought of an ultraromantic sexual encounter in a mysterious, dreamlike setting gets all of your sexual juices flowing.

Reality Check

Compassionate and sincerely devoted to your loved ones, you will sacrifice your own happiness to theirs if you think it necessary. However, sometimes you get so carried away by your humanitarian ideas, your potential for helping others becomes lost in aimless dreaming. You also have a tendency to fall passionately in love with a romantic ideal. Then, if the reality of the relationship doesn’t live up to your expectations, you’re deeply disappointed.

January 27 Birthday Compatibility


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