June 10 Birthday Compatibility

June 10

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Venus; Numbers: 1, 7

In Love

The person born on this date possesses tons of charm and a bubbling personality that exudes sparks of life. An unabashed optimist, you have an eternally youthful outlook that can be contagious. You’re such a delightful companion, you just can’t help attracting many friends, admirers, and suitors.

Because you prefer adventure and variety to safety and security, fidelity is not your strongest suit. You tend to fall in and out of love rather easily. You will stay in a relationship as long it remains fun and interesting. However, when the excitement leaves, so do you.

In Bed

You may be freedom loving and independent, but you are also extremely sociable. Since you realize that no one is an island, you want someone special in your life to complement you intellectually and complete you physically. On a physical level, you are considerably more ardent and sensual than most other Gemini natives. You love sharing your most intimate thoughts with your lover. In the bedroom, you avoid routine and repetition by employing a broad range of sexual techniques.


Sex is a fun-filled game for you. Your spontaneous, impulsive nature responds playfully to unexpected titillation at wildly inappropriate moments. A passionate kiss behind your boss’s back, an erotic suggestion whispered during the opera, or a look of naked desire flashed at a family dinner are all it takes to turn you on for a night of love.

Reality Check

Endowed with the gift of gab, you are one of the zodiac’s great persuaders.

Your conversational skills allow you to dominate most conversations, but they can also get you into trouble. One of your weaknesses is a tendency to jump to conclusions and speak without thinking. You can avoid problems by double-checking your facts before sharing your story with others.

June 10 Birthday Compatibility


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