August 12 Birthday Compatibility

August 12

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

A born performer, you gravitate toward the limelight and view your own life as a movie in which you’re the star, writer, producer, and director.

Eminently sociable, you enjoy people and you’re not averse to using your charm to entertain and impress them. You live for attention and approval, and you need a partner who admires your efforts and provides you with positive feedback. You also require understanding and respect from your significant other. In exchange, you are prepared to be supportive, generous, and loyal. Despite a streak of independence, with the right mate your affections will remain constant.

In Bed

Your attitude toward sex is playful and far less serious than that of most other lions. An inventive lover, you try to infuse a spirit of discovery and a sense of fun and games into your lovemaking. In the intimate surroundings of the bedroom, you enjoy pillow talk and an exchange of verbal banter with your partner. As a riveting storyteller, you glory in recounting your own fantasies or spinning torrid little tales to amuse and arouse your bedmate.


Your approach to love and sexuality is cerebral as well as emotional. Just the thought of making love can serve as a turn-on. Inside your head, you envi-sion the ensuing coupling as a big event, full of drama and excitement. The air around you is charged with erotic anticipation. The ideal lover kindles that mental spark and turns it into raging fire.

Reality Check

You’re an individualist, and you fervently resist attempts to pigeonhole or typecast you in any way. More flexible than the average Leo, you’re less inclined to stay with any one thing forever. New people and places provide stimulation, and a craving for variety and change impels you to seek out fresh challenges.

August 12 Birthday Compatibility


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