August 11 Birthday Compatibility

August 11

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

The individual born on this date is idealistic yet also practical and realistic.

Materially and emotionally you are a person who wants everything that life has to offer. You crave beauty and order and enjoy living in a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Inherently generous and loving but also somewhat controlling, in an intimate union you are both giving and demanding. You tend to think in pairs, and the urge to merge with your beloved is one of your strongest motivations. You willingly share all you have with your mate, and you expect an equal measure of consideration in return.

In Bed

A loving relationship brings out the noble aspects of your leonine character.

Under the right circumstances and with the right person, the passionate lion is always prepared to pounce and play. You love showing off in the privacy of the bedroom, and your ideal partner is the lover who not only encourages your sexual creativity but also applauds the results. The person who holds the key to your heart is capable of stimulating your mind along with your body.


Behind closed doors, you enjoy indulging your theatrical flair and proclivity for provocative exhibitionism. With a lover who also adores performing, you are a rapturous audience of one for bedroom antics such as a tantalizing striptease. Props like sex toys and fun novelties get your juices flowing and add spice to your playful, erotic frolicking.

Reality Check

You turn dreams into realities by powerhousing your way through obstacles, often without considering the possible ramifications. Because your character is shaped by your ideals, you honestly believe in everything you say and do.

The problem is that your fixed nature makes you proud and stubborn, and you can be totally unaware of your own errors in judgment.

August 11 Birthday Compatibility


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